About Dolle

Headquartered in Frøstrup in northwest Jutland, Denmark, DOLLE A/S is one of the largest manufacturers of staircases and railing systems in the world. We are the market leader in Europe and our products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. DOLLE A/S develops, manufactures, and sells interior and exterior staircases and banister systems in wood and metal. Our flagship product remains attic stairs, but we also produce modular staircases, spiral staircases, and space-saving staircases as well as a comprehensive and sought-after interior and exterior railing banister system.

DOLLE A/S is a dynamic organization with a strong focus on development and innovation. This applies to both product and staff development. The company’s employees are involved in planning their own schedules at work, where there is a constant focus on optimizing working processes and procedures, where significant resources are invested in staff development, and where responsibility is delegated to the most peripheral part of the organization.

DOLLE A/S was established in 1982, when founder of the Dolle Group, Carl Dolle, bought the production plant from the Dane, Erik Torrild. The plant, which at the time manufactured both household furniture and attic stairs, was given the name DHW A/S (Dänische Holzverarbeitungswerke).

Erik Torrild was the CEO until 1998, when he passed the reins onto the current CEO, Francois Grimal. Under Francois’s leadership, DOLLE A/S has developed rapidly and secured an influential international profile as one of the most modern wood-manufacturing companies on the market.

Originally, the plant in Frøstrup exclusively produced loft ladders for the German market; but since the 1980s, the product portfolio was expanded to include space-saving stairs, spiral staircases and modular staircases. In addition to wood, DOLLE A/S now manufactures stairs and banister systems in aluminum, steel, plastic and glass.

In 2006, Dolle established a production plant to produce metal products in the Chinese town of Suzhou; and in 2008, a plant to produce wood components was launched in Ukraine. The site in Ukraine has since evolved from exclusively manufacturing components to also producing finished products for sale to the East European market. Today, DOLLE A/S is the European market leader in attic stairs and banister systems, in addition to which it exports to numerous countries outside Europe, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, the USA and Russia.

Located in Minneapolis, MN, the American division of DOLLE A/S – Dolle USA – was established in 2011 bringing modern, innovative European-designed staircases and railing systems to the US Market. Dolle products are exclusively sold through professional builders, home center stores, and through hand-selected online e-commerce web stores.

At DOLLE A/S, we maintain a constant focus on safety and quality and therefore place great demands not just on our own production, but also on the production of our suppliers. Our own production plants are subject to exhaustive quality management measures, in addition to which we have established effective quality controls to ensure that our suppliers also meet our adopted standards throughout all Dolle facilities including our manufacturing facilities in China and Ukraine.

All raw materials and components are carefully selected to ensure superiority in terms of strength, function, safety and quality. Our products are always produced in line with applicable legislation, standards and codes of practice and we are therefore certified by all relevant authorities.

DOLLE A/S is ISO 9001 certified which assures our customers that we meet the quality requirements specified by the ISO 9001 standard. In practical terms it means that an independent certification body controls and verifies that all our production procedures are clearly documented and adhered to at all times.

DOLLE A/S adheres to many other European certifying bodies of quality standards. Please call us if you would like additional information 855-365-5387 or visit www.Dolle.eu.

DOLLE A/S is committed to protecting the environment throughout the entire product process from purchasing, production, and distribution through to the subsequent disposal of industrial waste.​

Our purchasing policy dictates that we only buy wood-based raw materials from environmentally conscious, trustworthy, and reliable suppliers, ensuring our wood originates from certified plantations that are managed responsibly by replanting trees, for example. Whenever possible we are committed to buying Forest Stewardship Council or PEFC certified products and we will, as a matter of course, refuse to buy wood that has been illegally logged or originates from countries in which basic civil rights are not respected.

Of course, it is also about ensuring that our production complies with current laws and standards in relation to the environment, that we recycle materials where possible, and that we sort, press and dispose of our waste in a responsible way.

It is, however, also about the working environment. We are currently placing great emphasis on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which involves actively ensuring that all our suppliers comply with human rights and that their employees have an acceptable production environment. It is a lengthy process, but we are well under way and will remain focused until we reach our goal.