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Prova PA21 Drilling Template for Wood Handrails

The Prova PA21 plastic handrail drilling template is used in conjunction with Prova wood handrails to ensure a seamless connection to Prova elbows and endcaps. Do not risk having off-centered handrails, use the Prova handrail drilling template to drill perfectly centered holes into your wooden railings for safety you can trust. Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required.

  • Plastic drilling template for assisting with installation of endcaps and handrails used with Prova wood handrails (55011 & 55013)
  • Used to locate and pre-drill holes for Prova PA7 96070 end caps and PA6 96060 elbows
  • Used with 1-1/2 in diameter Prova finished and unfinished wooden handrails
  • Constructed of plastic and made to fit over end of wood handrail
  • Comes 1 per pack
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required
  • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance


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