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Prova PA2a 42" Side Mount Post

The Prova Railing System from Dolle is a fully customizable, DIY installation, modern exterior or interior railing system. Prova designs staircase railing systems in Denmark with a modern aesthetic to fully complement your home or office. Offering a completely mix and match system Prova offers up to 18 different configurations for your outdoor or indoor railing project.

The Prova PA2 side mount post provides a 42 in high railing with 10 levels of infill. Infill spacing is under 4 in which makes this post IRC code compliant. There are no special tools or skills required for the installation. Post can be installed into wood, composite, or concrete backing with appropriate fasteners. Prova railings are adept at creating dramatic sight lines outside and making small spaces seem larger inside. Prova railings are the perfect interior stair railing system for today’s modern, open floor plans!

  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum with a brushed aluminum or powder coated anthracite finish
  • Perfect for both Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Overall handrail height can be adjusted from 43-1/2 in to 45-1/2 in
  • Recommended spacing between post: 39-3/8"
  • Configured to work with both Prova stainless-steel tubing and stainless-steel cable infill right out of the box
  • Infill connectors and handrail connectors fully adjustable
  • 1-1/2 in diameter aluminum post with 4-1/4 in diameter mount base
  • Can be easily used with any staircase or deck configuration
  • Prova mounting hardware sold separately, 2 anchors needed per post
  • Suitable for use with Prova anthracite, aluminum or wood handrails
  • Homeowner is responsible for verifying code compliance
Description Part Number
86019 (Anthracite) or 96019 (Aluminum)
In-Fill 96160 (Aluminum)
Hex Screws for Wood 86120 (Anthracite) or 96120 (Aluminum)
Concrete Anchors 86110 (Anthracite) or 96110 (Aluminum)
1-7/8" Post Spacers 86150 (Anthracite) or 96150 (Aluminum)
2-7/8" Post Spacers 86155 (Anthracite) or 96155 (Aluminum)
Cable Post Terminal 96267
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