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Prova PA5 Stainless Steel Tube In-Fill for 36"H Railings

The Prova PA5 stainless steel tube infill pack is designed to work with all Prova posts and provide less than a 4 in gap tube to tube. Prova stainless-steel tubes can be combined or cut down to fit the exact length run you require. Can be used on any deck configuration or staircase. This modern stainless-steel tube infill for 36 in railings will not obstruct the view from your deck or staircase, and most importantly, will keep you and your family safe. Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required.

  • Designed to work with Prova 36 in top and side mount posts
  • 3/8 in diameter by 79 in long
  • 8 tubes per pack provides 8 rows of horizontal infill
  • 3-1/2 in tube to tube gap
  • Constructed of grade 304 stainless steel
  • Tubes can be combined or cut to size to fit your exact needs
  • Tube to tube connectors included in each package
  • PA10 96178 tube elbows available for navigating corners and inclines
  • PA11 (86188 anthracite & 96188 grey) wall terminals available for terminating tubes at a wall
  • IRC code compliant
  • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance



Part Number

Wall Terminal for Tube

96188 Grey or 86188 Anthracite

Stainless Steel Tube Elbows




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