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Prova Finished Beech Wooden Handrail

Beautiful, warm, natural, the Prova PA3 finished beechwood handrail is perfect for any interior railing job. The Prova PA3 handrails can be used in conjunction with Prova posts or Prova wall mounts. Combine or cut down to fit the exact length run you require. Additional Prova accessories such as endcaps, handrail to handrail connectors, elbows, and wall mounts can also be purchased to help tackle any installation. Can be used down any staircase. Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required.

  • Prova railing handrails come in stock 79 in sections
  • Prova railings are 1-1/2 in diameter
  • Finished with tough catalyzed lacquer
  • Interior use only not recommended for outdoor use
  • ADA compliant
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required.
  • Elbows are available for wall returns
  • All accessories are sold separately
  • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance

    Description Part Number
    Wood Handrail to Handrail Connection 96298 (grey) or 86098 (anthracite)
    Handrail Connection/Wall Terminal 96080 (grey) or 86080 (anthracite)
    Wall Mount for Handrail 96140 (grey) or 86140 (anthracite)
    End Cap for Handrail 96070 (grey) or 86070 (anthracite)
    Handrail Elbow Junction 96060 (grey) or 86060 (anthracite)

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